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The name and concept of our gorgeous high tea parlour was inspired by the longest reigning British monarch earth ever, her royal majesty, queen Victoria. Wittingly miss-spelt,
Her Majesteas Salon (HMS for short) pays tribute to the Victorians for popularising the art of taking tea. After all, as Empress of India, Victoria had access to all the tea in China, India and the world.


You’ll find HMS at The Victorian Guest Lodge built circa 1864 at around the 27th year of Victoria’s 64-year reign. Come and discover firsthand why it all fits together as perfectly as a cup and saucer.
Visit us at 67 HF Verwoerd street, Heidelberg, Gauteng - just 45 minutes out of Johannesburg on the N3.
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HMS comprises a High Tea Parlour and Low Tea Drawing Room, which together make up the Salon.
Traditionally, salons were the large mirrored reception rooms belonging to women prominent in high society. Intellectuals, artists and other eminent people (such as yourself) gathered there socially.

Expect fabulous teas served in clear glass teapots and dainty teacups, and delicious food washed down with tall homemade lemonades or freshly ground coffees.

Open Tuesdays to Sundays from 08h00 to 15h00. On weekends the stove gets turned off at 15h00, however, you can still enjoy cakes and drinks till 17h00. On Mondays and Tuesdays we’re replenishing the pantry, scrubbing floors and/or resting so unless you’re keen to help bake, Cinderella, you should go to some other ball.

Private Functions & High Tea Platters
Wedding showers, kitchen teas, stork parties, birthday parties, champagne breakfasts and dinner parties… for a celebration with a twist as sweet as our koeksisters, chat to Werna and set a date. We can seat up to 32 guests in the high tea parlour or cater for your more intimate group in the low tea parlour or dining room. Please speak to Werna on 079 334 7579 regarding venue hire.

Ye Olde Shoppies

We’re proud to be the home of these fine stores:
The Palace Pantry with all kinds of niceties from treats to crafts and gifts.
Stinkstert, a fab spot offering cute goodies for babies, toddlers and mommies.
Old Time Tales, an interesting little bookshop for lovers of the written word.